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  • Production and Sales of Electrical and Electronic Device / Production and Sales of Wire Harness Sales of Electric construction material and Electric facility materials.
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We are expanding our field of activity to include
EMS (Electronic Equipment Manufacture Contract Service).

EMS Business

Sanko EMS Business, started as an automotive manufacturer,
and has grown to develop into a production machine manufacturer and consumer electronics manufacturer.
With strength in flexible response, our high level of quality is being noticed.
In particular, being able to facilitate and respond flexibly and quickly in OEM production from the circuit board to the final form,
with the three pillars of ‘circuit board assembly’, ‘harness’ and ‘unit assembly’ being central.
Involvement from the design stage contributes to the lower costs.

Providing you with consistency from design/development, parts procurement, production, quality assurance, to shipment.
  • Development

    Supporting design/development, toward the reduction of the development period.

  • Trial Manufacture

    Preparing a sample and giving feedback for the design through an assessment test.

  • Procurement

    Delivering the most appropriate procurement, from suppliers consisting of 250 domestic and international companies.

  • Mass-Production

    High quality production through high technical skill, as well as facilitation of a multi-product small lot.

  • Shipment

    Delivering products just in time. Also supporting ‘kanban’ (the scheduling system for just-in-time production), etc.

Circuit Board Assembly

From the mounting of the surface mount device and through the discreet mounting process,
repeated checks are carried out using imaging, visual observation, ICT, etc., producing circuit boards of high confidence.


From vehicle-use to production-use equipment, harnesses for all intended uses are facilitated.
Regardless of domestic or international, by way of identical construction method/processing we are realizing the same quality across the world.

Unit Assembly

By combining the harness and the circuit board manufactured by our company,
It is possible to produce from a large control box to a compact controller or unit.