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  • Production and Sales of Electrical and Electronic Device / Production and Sales of Wire Harness Sales of Electric construction material and Electric facility materials.
    7-23, Tamanoi-cho Atsuta, Nagoya, Aichi, 456-0025, Japan
    TEL.+81-52-682-6711 FAX.+81-52-671-0351

Thank you for your interest in our company. Please make an entry from "inquiry" Recruitment information (Foreign international students and mid-career hires accepted)
Subject: From March 2018 to March 2019 Prospective graduates (regardless of nationality)

What is Sanko Electric?

Sanko Electric, with the slogan of “To provide confidence for our customers, and superior technology”, was founded in 1951. Established to sell electrical materials and equipment, we have been able to expand business to include products such as wire harnesses and circuit boards. We manufacture many electrical components such as electrical equipment parts for cooling devices, machine tools, medical equipment, electrical components for aircrafts, cars and two wheeled vehicles, The key concerns of the 21st century is global environment and energy.
To make a better future that has vitality and encompasses the dreams of all children, Sanko Electric aims to concentrate group efforts, improved technological development and high quality products to reach this future. We are very grateful to everyone for their support and guidance, from now onwards.

Establishment Founded November 1, 1951
Group Total Capital Stock 1,500,000,000 yen (Japanese currency as of 2017)
Group Total Sales 16,000,000,000 yen (Japanese currency performance of 2017)
Group Total Employee Number 2,000 persons (Currency as of 2018)
Procedure until adoption
  • Entry
  • Business Exposition
  • Document
  • First stage exam
  • Second stage exam
  • Third stage exam
  • Decision
(*) When applying, submitting a resume / transcript etc. is required. More details will be explained in person. (*) Please make an entry from "inquiry".
Recruitment policy

Regardless of nationality or gender, we do not judge but emphasize each person's potential and human skills.
At Sanko Electric Co., Ltd., we aim to be a company that can experience three happy "material happiness" "spiritual happiness" "lasting, happiness". We welcome applicants who are able to act by themselves, and those who want to further expand global business with the company.

Positions Available Development Design (R & D) / Production Engineer
Sales / Quality Assurance (management) / Manufacturing Manager
Employment Qualifications Development design (R & D), Production engineer / Graduation as a science major in science such as Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control Engineering, Information System Engineering
Sales, Quality assurance (management), Manufacturing Manager. Regardless of major in science
We Welcome those who are seconded to overseas offices! Welcome directly to overseas offices!
Target age No specific age requirements
Holidays Work calendar published annually; annual holidays is 116 days; the paid vacation is the statutory number of granted days
Working hours Head office / 8: 30 ~ 17: 30 Mie plant / 8: 15 ~ 17: 00
Workplace Development design (R & D), Sales / head office (Nagoya-shi Atsuta-ku)
Production Technology, Production Control, Quality Control, Manufacturing Control / Mie factory(Inabe city, Mie prefecture)
Treatment after adoption Basic salary / < First salary > Bachelor's degree: 210,000 yen (daily salary system)
Allowances / Commuting, Allowance
Pay rise / Performed according to achievement and performance
Bonus / Payment according to achievement and performance
Statutory welfare / Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, worker's accident insurance, welfare pension fund
Welfare / Recreation facility (Shizuoka prefecture Hamanako); Retirement allowance system; No dormitory, Company housing