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  • Production and Sales of Electrical and Electronic Device / Production and Sales of Wire Harness Sales of Electric construction material and Electric facility materials.
    7-23, Tamanoi-cho Atsuta, Nagoya, Aichi, 456-0025, Japan
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Reception and Office: K 3 years with the company

Being skilled with computers and confidence in using Excel, I serve the company in reception and office work. With many customers visiting each day, I always try to welcome them and see them off with a pleasant smile.
The workplace provides an environment that makes working easy and the work itself makes me feel as though I can exceed my own expectations, so I hope to take on many different challenges in the future.

Manufacture Division: H 8 months with the company

I’ve been able to enjoy doing my work at my own pace, without being too overwhelmed by it.
Since I have only very recently joined the company I’m still in the process of learning, but from this point
I hope to achieve good results by doing research that lets me feel like “I had a fun life!” as I grow old.

Quality Management: M 4 years with the company

In a few words, this is ‘a company where the things you want to do and the things you have thought can be realized’. I serve in the very important work of courteously and quickly responding in the event that there has been a claim or a question from a customer.
Being blessed both with kind superiors and having coworkers to consult with, I’m happy about the fact that I can comfortably balance both work and time off.

Manufacture Division: E 10 years with the company

I work each day feeling the worth of doing this work, and appreciate the coworkers with whom I can share any work concerns or worries.
Overall, this is a company that allows you to take up new challenges.
During break times, harmonious laughter and happy voices are flying in all directions in the workplace.

Manufacture Division: Y 5 years with the company

I first entered the company as a temporary employee, and this is now my third year as a regular employee.
The company appreciates even small efforts, and I believe it is because of this that even though I can feel there is a language barrier
I’ve been able to work so hard up to this point.
I hope to increase my knowledge in many things and contribute more to the company.